Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Painting some Space Marines

On Saturday, with not a lot to do, I thought I would sit down and paint a couple of Space Marines. I have posted before about my Warhammer 40K painting, which I do as stress relief.

I haven't done much in a while, and I've had three Space Marines undercoated and sitting on the shelf. The miniatures are only about three inches high, and some of the detail is quite fine. I still don't quite have the brush control to make them look as good as I would like. While nowhere near good enough to put on display, I like to think that they would be acceptable enough to use in gameplay.

I have only done a few miniatures, and all have been using the Ultramarines colour scheme. Next, I would like to branch out and try some others.

It was quite annoying trying to take a photo of these two miniatures. My $90 Cybershot camera would not focus for me, and I could not find an option to do a manual focus. I almost pulled out the old Nikon SLR, but for a lack of film. I suppose you get what you pay for with digital cameras.


  1. I think they look pretty good. A whole lot better than I could do that's for sure. I should get myself a few and do them but then, I really should finish my two quilts as well.

  2. Just came across this and just had to add a link to it here :-)

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