Monday, November 8, 2010

Travel Scares Me

It is a fact that travel can kill you in numerous ways. Disease, violence and of course, accident. And this kind of thing on the news doesn't help my attitude.

I have an aversion to travel. Not just air travel; travel of all kinds. Short trips, long trips, plane, train or automobile. Not only that, I worry intensely when people I know travel. This second-order worry is worse when the person I know is specifically coming to visit me, as if anything that happens is my fault.

I know now that these are manifestations of the chronic stress from which I suffer. A common symptom of stress and anxiety is being unwilling to take acceptable risks - such as travel. I know that travel is usually safe, but all the time leading up to travelling is a nightmare. Endless procrastination in deciding whether or not to commit to travelling is common. Sleepless nights beforehand also occur. Incidentally, once I am travelling, the stress usually disappears. For example, I get very nervous before flying, but once in the air, I am fine.

Medication helps, but in the end, travelling is still inherently difficult for me. As much as I am trying to manage stress and anxiety in various aspects, the prospect of travelling (or others travelling) worries me intensely. Things like engines blowing up on aircraft don't help. Rolls-Royce, get it together; you're not helping!

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