Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drop Pod Part 4

I took a break from painting the Drop Pod yesterday, so I did some more today. I dry-brushed the outside doors and wings with a second coat of Ultramarine Blue. Next, I put a black overlay on the door edges to produce the black-and-yellow pattern.

I did a second coat of red on the highlights of the harnesses and on the missile launcher.

Finally, the decals to be attached to the outsides of the doors; four Ultramarine symbols and an Imperial Eagle in gold.

So, it is almost done. Final assembly and some touch-up still to do. I need to re-do some of the yellow, as it is not quite filled in as I would like, and I need to do some highlights and maybe a bit of weathering. I may not do this Friday; maybe on the weekend.

My skills are not particularly good, but I think this is starting to come together OK. Will be good to see what it looks like all together.

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