Sunday, August 14, 2011

Devastator Squad 2

Today I painted the second of the Devastator Squad.  This Marine has a multi-melta.  I took a slightly different approach with this one.  I used a fine detail brush exclusively, even for the blue areas, and attempted some finer control  I tried to get just the one coat of blue in most places, so that later touch-ups weren't a fourth or fifth layer.

I also tried some new things. The weapon was left black, and I drybrushed the Boltgun Metal over the top.  I then used Mithril Silver on the weapon end and the skull detail.  The black hoses to the backpack, I drybrushed the Boltgun metal on edges to give the hoses some highlight detail.  The scroll on the front of the weapon was layered.  I used Scorched Brown, then Bleached Bone, followed by white to give it a textured look with highlights.  I used Shining Gold on the hanging piece, and brown for the ropes.

All in all, I a pretty happy with the way this turned out.  A am going to try some shading and blending on the power armour in the next couple of Marines.  That will need a trip to the store, though.  I'm going to try to do a bit of painting now and then, but tomorrow (Monday) I am going to start into my CCIE study for the written exam.  I'm going to see how long a chapter of the guide takes, and then do up a schedule so I can get to the written exam in the next few weeks.  So painting will be for relaxation and breaks, or when the study gets a bit much.


  1. They're looking better and better with each one you do. Don't know when we'll be able to get to Toowoomba but would love to see them all up close when we finally can get over there for a visit. Hopefully you can still come for Christmas.

  2. Very cool! You have well surpassed my crappy painting efforts. One suggestion is you could use some "green stuff" to create some rocks and pebbles at their feet. You could also glue some sand on the base as well as some tufts of grass...? Or not :-)