Saturday, August 20, 2011

Devastator Squad 4

This morning was laundry day, so while waiting for the spin cycles, I did the fourth member of the Devastator Squad.  This Marine is wielding a heavy bolter.  I made a more aggressive weathering on this one, and coupled with the desert base, I think it looks fine.

Only one to go in this squad, the squad sergeant.


  1. You're definitely getting better at the painting. I also really like the different grass effects on the bases. Were the spikey ones hard to do?

  2. No, I bought a little box of 100 tufts of grass from the local store that stocks model railway kits ($16!). They have a flat base for gluing, and I trim them into smaller or different shapes.

    The grasses can come in different colours; this one is "autumn"; so drier and browner. The others are more bright green.