Friday, September 30, 2011


After a session with the personal trainer this morning, I am feeling sore and tired and it is hard to move about.  I haven't posted much in the past couple of weeks as I am ploughing through some CCIE Lab preparation workbooks, but two things really annoyed me in the past couple of days.

First, when I am at the supermarket checkout, it annoys me to no end when the person in front does not put the little plastic divider thing on the conveyor behind their stuff so you can start unloading yours.  How hard is it to extend that small courtesy?  It is sitting right there.  It is particularly annoys me because I am pedantic when unloading my trolley.  I group the cold stuff together, then the fruit and vegetables, keeping cleaning products and such separate.  It makes things so much easier to unpack and put away upon returning home, and these inconsiderate people make me rush to place my shopping on the conveyor whereupon my careful strategy falls apart.  This complete absence of civilized behaviour deserves the strongest possible sanction, in my humble opinion.  Perhaps a dozen lashes, or for them to be stuck in checkout queues forever behind people requiring price checks on items at the far end of the store.

But the other thing that annoys me, and my apologies if you have them on your vehicle, are those damnable "My Family" stickers.  You've seen them.  These things can cost four dollars each!  For a piece of plastic.  One each for the father, mother, kids, dogs, cats - I've even seen a freaking goldfish in a bowl.  These things cause an irrational red mist when I see them.  Part of it is that every one of the stickers is smiling like a gormless brain-dead moron, putting a sanitised face on what is probably the reality within that eight-seat minibus filled with psychopathic ten-year-olds.  Another part is that I have an aversion to putting stickers on vehicles in general.  But I think that the main reason is that I am sure someone has made, if not a fortune (four dollars each!), at least a tidy sum out of this somewhat obvious, yet totally useless idea.  This putrid display of familial harmony and pride is another example of the undeserved success that comes with having a useless idea that seems to land upon a gullible public at the right time in the right place.  Pet rocks.  Furbys.  Facebook.

Of course, my dismissing of the idea as useless is the reason that I'll never get rich.  I'm not the creative type who will look at something and conclude that this will be something people will want, and pay money for.  However, maybe "" will go viral and I'll make my fortune with Google ads.

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