Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Master of the Chapter - Part 2

For the second weekend in a row, I sat down to do some Warhammer 40K painting.  This is the second of four "Masters of the Chapter".  After nearly a year of not painting, I find I am still a little frustrated when it comes to fine detail.  With this miniature, for the first time I tried using the lighted magnifier.  Not so much for the magnification, but it was cloudy and dull, so the lighting helped.

First stage, undercoating.  In order to get to the fine detail, I prefer to paint the pieces separately, unlike when I am doing a mass-production army.  You really need to let the undercoat dry on the metal pieces, as the undercoat comes off very easily if it is not fully dry.

Next, I painted the individual pieces.  Head, backpack, body and right arm with shield.

There was quite a bit of fine detail on the body and axe.  I decided to also put a few bits of red on the axe, representing some blood.

I was not entirely happy with the white highlights on the shield.  For some reason I just could not get them right.  However the bolt pistol holster did come up alright.

 So there we have it. A second Master of the Chapter.

So, that is two down, two to go.


  1. They look really good...especially since it's been a year or so since you've painted.

  2. Have you done any more?