Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Master of the Chapter - Warhammer 40K Painting

It has been a long time since I've done any Warhammer 40K painting.  So today, I sat down and got to it.

Here is one of the four "Masters of the Chapter" cast in metal.  It took around 8 hours on and off, and turned out alright.  There were five main pieces; left arm holding the helmet, right arm with the sword, head, backpack and body.

Unfortunately I couldn't find my camera, so the phone photos aren't the best.  The handle of the sword is a bit off-kilter as it was broken in the box, and I had to glue it back on.  I may need to fix that later.

Pieces ready for undercoating

A Master of the Chapter

Note the bent handle on the sword.  Not visible, there are some nice details under the arm

Again, you can see the bent sword

A Master of the Chapter

A Master of the Chapter

I always have trouble with the faces, but in the last photo, my iPhone put a square around the head of the miniature.  Probably more a trick of the light than any good management on my part.

There are three more figurines in the Masters of the Chapter set, so hopefully I will look at those later.

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