Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Master of the Chapter - Part 3

So lately I've been struggling with anxiety and depression.  Last time I was having trouble, I took up Warhammer 40K miniature painting.  I find it helpful because the concentration required allows me to block out all other distractions and thoughts.

So on my last trip past home, I picked up my paints and resolved to continue painting the Masters of the Chapter set of four.  I had already completed two, and thought it would be easy to get back into it.  However, I've had some trouble with a tremble in my hand, probably related to the anxiety.

I also decided to try some of the new paint colours, even though this means the colours across the set won't quite match.  I took my time, so this figure will be across a couple of posts.  This Space Marine wields a Thunder Hammer, and after the usual undercoating, I began work on the arm and hammer.

Chaos Black undercoat
I used Skull White for the head of the hammer, and Boltgun Metal and Mithril Silver for the handle.  The Imperial Eagle on the hammer head is done in Burnished Gold over black.  Highlights on the handle are also Burnished Gold.  The arm was initially done in Macragge Blue base, overpainted with a Calgar Blue layer.  The top of the shoulder pad is Shining Gold.

Arm and Thunder Hammer

Revers of Arm and Thunder Hammer

The light is failing me now, so tomorrow, all being well, I'm continue on the rest of the Marine.

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  1. Nice work. Takes an artist with patience and commitment to detail to do such intricate work.

    Kind regards