Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Master of the Chapter - Part 4

Today was rainy and bleak, and so I didn't head back to Toowoomba from Brisbane.  With not a lot going on, I decided to complete the Masters of the Chapter set.  Unfortunately with the rain and clouds there was not a lot of natural light, meaning I had to rely on my indoor lights and lamp.  I really prefer natural light, but you must use what you have.  I'm still struggling with anxiety and other issues, so I am a bit frustrated at the lack of a steady hand.

The final Master of the Chapter wields a Power Sword and a Bolt Pistol.

Raw metal and plastic pieces. Body with Power Sword, head, arm with Bolt Pistol and backpack.
Chaos Black undercoat.
I did the arm holding the Bolt Pistol first.  I used Boltgun Metal for the body of the weapon, Shining God for the shells and upper weapon and Burnished Gold for highlights on the sight.  For the body, I decided upon a green cloak with a Burnished Gold trim.  Fairly standard colors were used for the accessories and adornments.  The head was tricky as I needed a very careful hand for the teeth in the open mouth.  I was a little unhappy with the white ropes; I had a bit too much paint on the brush, and the upper rope looks a bit rough.

Painted pieces.
I was pleasantly surprised when the iPhone camera put a square around the face.  Always a nice sign.  I glued him together, and there we have the final Master of the Chapter.

Master of the Chapter with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol

Master of the Chapter with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol

Master of the Chapter with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol
Unfortunately I don't have all four Masters with me, but I did have with me the Master with the Thunder Hammer from the previous post.  So here are a couple of shots of the last two Masters together.

Masters of the Chapter

Masters of the Chapter
Not sure what I will do next.  I have some other Space Marines to put together, however I may head to the store to see if there is anything else interesting to try.

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  1. I'm very glad to see some painting again...these really look good. I think the painting skills have definitely developed. It doesn't matter that it's been a while.