Thursday, December 26, 2013

Painting a Storm Talon

Over the Christmas break, I painted a Storm Talon gunship.  I tried to make it look beaten and scarred, but I'm not sure how I did.

First I put together the cockpit assembly with the pilot.

Cockpit components

Cockpit partial assembly

Cockpit and pilot

After completing the cockpit, I proceeded to assemble the remaining pieces - body, weapons and engines - and undercoated them.  I decided to use Lascannons as the primary weapon.

Parts undercoated
I did not take photos of all pieces as I progressed, so I present now the completed Storm Talon.  I added some barrels and a barrier to the base along with some sand and grass tufts.

Storm Talon.  Note the bare metal showing through the paint, and blackening on the engine cowl.

Storm Talon.  Blackening on he engine exhaust.

Storm Talon. I'm not entirely happy with the canopy paint.  Very difficult painting on the transparent piece.

Storm Talon.  Canopy removed to show the pilot.

Storm Talon.  Front view.

Storm Talon. Rear quarter.

Storm Talon.

Storm Talon.

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  1. It looks really good. You must have gotten stuck into it and done nothing else for a couple of days.